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A Message from our Interim President

Greetings on behalf of TriCities NAACP Unit #6277,  I’m excited, as the “Interim” President to invite you to re-engage and recommit to helping us provide service to our community.  We’re thankful to our immediate past President, Ms. Janis Dunn for carrying the torch this far, and I will work hard to carry us through the remainder of this cycle, September 30, 2022!


Our communities need us now more than ever, and I need your support and assistance to help provide services and educational opportunities for everyone in our service area.  We must work harder than ever to ensure injustices in our communities are not left unaddressed.  Let us re-engage and recommit, as the opportunities to serve are limitless.  Take a minute to visit our website for opportunities to become a member; renew membership; or serve in vacant positions.  TriCities believes in the power of collaboration and partnership with entities or individuals that align with our purpose.  If you are interested in working with us on civic-minded programs, feel free to contact me at:


I personally invite you to complete the below survey, as your feedback will assist in my ability to make improvements where needed.  There is always room for growth.



Lastly, our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM, CST and I dare you to miss it!!!  


In Service,

Tongee Flemming

Interim President 

TriCities NAACP Unit #6277

Best Southwest COVID UPDATE

Click on your school district for the latest mandate

Tennis Players Bumping Elbows




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